Intranet & Community – Build Intranet for Corporates, Schools

Bring your staff, members or users together with the most comprehensive and flexible intranet and community software.

Intranet has been designed as the ultimate foundation for your collaborative online community, bringing together social networking, messaging, forums, events, project and task management, file sharing, e-commerce and even e-learning. This innovative software can be tailored to your needs, so that your members can easily share messages, files, events, tickets and/or forms, edit and collaborate on documents, and manage files and projects. Intranet also offers a private site option, with a secure login for members.

This creative and extensive application designed as a complete platform for company portals, intranets and Extranets.

Awesome Features

  • Secure Your Content – You can hide the content partially
  • Personalized Login Page
  • Unlimited Members – No restriction with how many users you’ll add. You can also list all your members in one place.
  • Unlimited Groups – Create hundreds or may be few thousand of groups in your community There are no restrictions on how many groups you will add. Each group has its own activity, members, docs, forums, projects and more
  • Activity Streams – Activity stream is a feature similar to Facebook Newsfeed where members can share what is happening with their life. You can also let your staff, members, and community share photos, videos and updates.
  • Inline Messages – Send important messages to your staff, members and users. Online messages acts like email where you can compose a message, add some title and send it over to your members an they will receive it in their box inside your website. They will also be notified via email.
  • Simple Project Manager – Easily add projects to any of your Groups. Each members of the Group can contribute to the Project. You can also limit and assign the Tasks to individual Members. Tasks have priorities like Normal, Critical, High. You can also add file attachments.
  • Knowledge base – Unlimited Knowledge base pack with features that will surely delight your users. Add knowledge base to your intranet site making sure everyone knows the details. Knowledge base features includes table of contents, topics, tags, upvote/downvote and cute thumbnails
  • File Sharing – Add Dropbox like functionality to your site where your members would be able to easily share files across network. Upload images, videos and documents and share it with your friends or groups.
  • Collaborative Documents – Easily manage your docs across your network. Add attachments to your docs and control the privacy. You can restrict your docs to be only read by logged-in users and grants other users the ability to help you by directly contributing to your docs.
  • Community Foums – Forums are like discussing boards where anyone can speak their mind. Easily add forum to your site Unlimited topics, forums, and sub-forums.
  • Events Calendar – Set-up Events easily with intranet events calendar. With events calendar, you will be able to add events available to your members. They will be able to sign-up to events. You can also add Organizers, Venue, Maps and more…
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