Enterprise Resource Planning

Cloud-Based ERP (Enterprise resource planning)

ERP provides businesses in a wide variety of industries with the tools to automate and centralize processes across departments. This includes tasks such as financial management, distribution, CRM and supply chain management. This program is available both as cloud-based or an on-premise software, making it accessible to a wide variety of businesses. The cloud-based deployment option allows employees located in the field, in the corporate office or on vacation to leverage it, regardless of physical location. Cloud-based option is available whenever and wherever, as long as you have an internet connection. Additionally, these tools are customizable and has a relatively low cost of ownership due to its automated software maintenance. It provides real-time data insights across workflows and includes the option to build dashboards that are unique to your business.

ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning, is a modular software system designed to integrate the main functional areas of an organization’s business processes into a unified system. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is used to increase productivity and profit, thus simplifying a company’s business processes.

Enterprise Resource Planning refers to a suite of software that organizations use to manage day-to-day business activities, such as accounting, procurement, project management, risk management and compliance, and supply chain operations.

Today, ERP systems are critical for managing thousands of businesses of all sizes and in all industries. To these companies, ERP is as indispensable as the electricity that keeps the lights on.

Empower your workforce with HRM

Evolving Database

Profiles of your employees across branches allows you to access and update their post, responsibilities, leads. Store company and employee documents let you call reference when there is a need.

Keep a Keen Eye

Track / Import employee attendances and manage their leaves. Make important announcements when you need everyone to is heard.


Get Organized in a Flip

Use Overviews to get everything you need at once. The event log and Calendar helps you to check the holidays, who is on leave and what tasks are close to the deadline.

HR Solution

Human Resources are the base of your enterprise system. Managing staff well and putting them in proper position ensures smooth operation. With our HR module, achieving those goals seem closer.

HRM Overview

The overview takes you quickly through what you need to know to start your workday. Your work calendar, announcements, leaves – all in a single page.

Complete HR Management

The employee listing feature provides you the ability to keep all the personal details of an employee in a convenient digital format. You can even keep notes about the events of the employee, like- assessment reports, complains, increments and every possible detail you need.
Gather all Employee Information

You can put all the information of the employee in the employee profile page. You can even add custom fields in the form using a plugin.
See Entire Lifecycle

The interactive notes feature allows you to add information about any events like transferring to another location, salary increment, employment status and so on.
Evaluate Employee Performance

As the company owner or HR manager, you can take feedback from team leads and project managers about a specific employee and keep the discussion data on his profile. So when you are talking about him or taking a decision, that will help you for sure.
Add Private Notes

Private notes help you to mark an achievement of the employee. You may want to note that he worked overnight to fix a problem and you are really happy to share it with the company owner.

See Their Leave Details

Keeping records of leave requests offline and calculating them is a quite time consuming task. Our system will help you to see all the previous details in one click and will calculate the balances for you.

Easy Department Management

This feature allows you to list all the departments in the system. Later you can tag the employees with departments and create announcements for them depending on departments.

Designation Management

Designations listing helps you to save all the available positions. So you do not have to remember and type them each time a new employee joins in your company. Just select the designation from the dropdown.

Create Leave Policies

The company has some rules and entitlements to allow leave requests. You can list them in the system to be used by the employees and HR manager to keep things simple and easy.

Manage Leave Requests at One Place

We have streamlined the leave request reviewing process to make it easy to manage. Viewing all the requests on one page helps you to decide which member you might need during that time and whose request is legit.

Manage Holidays

List all the holidays in the year to apply the day offs automatically and calculate work hours easily.

Flash Important Messages

Need to send a message to a specific employee? or the whole office? This is the feature for you. It displays the message on the employees dashboard and sends and email too notify.

Useful HR Reporting

Need some quick reports for a presentation? Just click the buttons here to get graphical reports about the whole company depending on various factors.

Rich Email Templates

Customizable email templates gives you the freedom to reach your employees in the tone you want to. So you are free apply your best words and be creative.

Company and Location Management

List the main branch location and other locations to use them later in employee profile, invoice and many other places where you might need to enter the location details or the address.

Easy Accounting

Get Balanced with Accounting

Take total control of your company’s finances in real time with the Accounting module. You can generate live and detailed reports and make transactions, generate invoices and pay employees.

Speedy Stats

Get a quick surface idea of your company finances with the Dashboard. It updates real-time and covers everything you need. Great for checking time to time.

Make Payments Easy

Customers, vendors or suppliers – create invoices, make and take payments from your every client and see the data react with your finances instantly. All your transactions are easy to read, logged and secure with our solution.


Many Reports

In every section, there are reports for everything. Reports help you to present your numbers better and absorb the information more easily.

Perfect Accounting Software

Perfect Accounting Software for anyone who has never taken an accounting class, and has no idea what a balance sheet, debit, credit, income statement or statement of cash flow is. Our intuitive system makes it easy for everyone.



Get a quick surface idea of your total cash reserve, due invoices, pending payments, expenditures with accounts and current profit with just a glance with the Accounting Dashboard. The most simple yet powerful way to start and end your accounting tasks.

Realtime Transactions

Check the changes you have made as it takes effect. All transactions like payments, invoices, balance transfers are updated in to the system real-time.

Preloaded Accounts for Speed

Pre-loaded accounts for Assets, Liabilities, Expenses, Income and Equity help you to use accounting out of the box and makes your system in margin with good accounting practices.

Sales Transactions

Handle sales with invoicing or make payments directly with a choice of multiple accounts. You can check reports at every stage as all calculations are adjusted instantly to the customer’s accounts.

Receive Payments

It only takes a few seconds to receive or make a payment. Just select the customer and the account where you want it – done! You can take payments both in to your petty cash or savings account.

Sales Invoices

Get one click print ready invoices for sales. Modify payment invoices quickly and also attach any document with the invoice for record.

Expense Transactions

Keep a detailed track of your company’s expenses with the associated accounts and vendor profiles. A quick overview at the top not only tells you the outstanding numbers but also reminds you of what payments you need to make recently.

Payment Voucher

Use payment vouchers to pay directly to your vendors with cash from your company savings or petty accounts. You can also pay partially step by step. Attach file documents with each voucher for more evidence of the transaction. All amounts are adjusted instantly.

Vendor Credit

Sometimes when making a large payment is not an option, you need to buy with credit or make payment with installations. Make these complicated transactions easy with Vendor crediting feature.
Bank Accounts

Your company banking management is now at your control. Manage your funds with a greater perspective. You can check balances with graphs, make or receive payments and even ask your accounts manager to transfer money to other accounts.
Transfer Money

Transferring balance inside WPERP is a one click job from our Bank accounts. Strengthen your assets or resolve issues in company liability and equity by instantly flushing funds into accounts when necessary.

Journal Entry for Real Accountants

Our accounting module is so easy that anyone without a training can operate this. You can literally manage the entire accounting system manually from here. The form is also logic based so that you do not make any submissions mistakenly.

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