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Ecommerce Website Design

Effective product presentation and pleasant visitor experience are the primary steps to succeed in the highly competitive world of electronic commerce. A professional design is the first point a perspective customer considers when evaluating a company on the web. According to recent survey conducted among 10 000 online shoppers more than 30% claimed poor site organization as the reason to abandon the e-Shop.

The ideas of professional web design include: strong visual impact, usability, consumer trust and confidence.

Visual Impact

We design your ecommerce website to present your products or services in the most favorable manner. We apply color schemes, layout assembling, fonts and backgrounds that are stylish and harmonious. Each of our designs is unique. We are aimed to create a professional design that conveys to the web audience a professional and successful image of your organization.


At the same time the success of your online presence is defined not only by color schemes, fonts or images. What is important is the ability to successfully translate your message or offering and secure the trust and confidence of your customers.  From the initial stages we work to distinguish and emphasize your competitive strength to let you stand ahead of your competitors.  We base our design solution on your ideas and business goals translating them into a professional web presentation.


The ecommerce catalog is an interface for customers and prospects to your products or services. It should provide a pleasant customer experience and let them find and select specific products quickly. We pay special attention to effective content organization, improved navigational schemes, dynamic linking and other navigation tools to make sites intuitive and easy-to-use and make the purchasing process comfortable and fast.

We are top Ecommerce Website Development company and our professional designers will create an original design tailored to your business

E Commerce Integration
Shopping Cart Development
E Commerce Integration

Application integration gives facilities for real-time information and functionality exchange between different applications. Integration of ecommerce applications to existing web sites structure provides businesses of all sizes with secure and efficient vendor-customer communication vehicle, streamlines and automates end-to-end business transactions, reduces redundant work and errors sources.

Ecommerce Insight specialists have considerable experience in brining e-shops, e-procurement systems, marketplaces and auctions into accord with applications that companies currently use. We embed ecommerce solutions logic into legacy applications structure and seamlessly integrate your existing web site with newly deployed ecommerce solutions to give you all facilities to manage your ecommerce initiatives on a unified basis.

We see the result of all our efforts in empowering your business with a scalable, seamlessly integrated solution that gives you secure, reliable real-time exchange of information and transactions facilities.

Shopping Cart Development

An e-shop ability to attract new customers, provide enhanced shopping experience and supply the owner with effective management tools lays the foundation of any online retail business success.

Ecommerce Insight’s focus is to provide you with a solution that distinguishes your business from the competition, gives you marketing strength and leads to customers’ satisfaction and retention. We base our vision of shopping cart development on three key factors that let you get a scalable, efficient and secure system for your goods and services online trading:

Improved customer satisfaction
We enhance the shopping experience of your customers by giving our solutions user-friendly interface that implies advanced usability and intuitive navigation.

Advanced administration tools
The administratiion section of Ecommerce Insight solutions provides you immediate access to your e-shop data and enables you to manage all aspects of your e-shop activities fast and efficiently.

Information confidentiality
Our solutions embrace advanced security systems that ensure safe information storage and reliable transactions processing.

Developing a shopping cart solution for online businesses, Ecommerce Insight specialists expand the boundaries of pre-packaged e-retail applications. We equip our custom solutions with a comprehensive set of functions and advanced features matching the specific needs of our clients.


Product Management

Unlimited products and product categories
Related products and cross selling
Featured products
Product variant options
Multiple pricing
Stock management
Integrated search options

Payment Options

Real-time credit card processing. Integration with many payment processing gateways (2CheckOut, Authorize.NET, PayPal, VeriSign and others)
Offline Credit Card Processing
Payment on delivery
E-check payments

Advertising and Promotion

Tell-a-friend options
Gift wrapping
Affiliate programs management
Specific products and site wide discounts

Reporting and Statistics

Sales and inventory status reports
Shipping and Tax Reporting
Site’s usage statistics
Repeated users tracking
Best seller reports

Customer Service

Repeat customer recognition
E-mail notifications/invoices
Discounts and loyalty programs
Newsletter system
Express checkout
Stock management
Registered customers accommodation

Shipping and Tax Systems

Integration with major shipping companies: UPS, FEDEX, DHL & USPS
International Shipping
Downloadable goods
Handling/freight Charges
Shipping by price, weight or dimensions

Order Processing

Real-time order tracking
Multiply orders search
Orders database management
Printed/hard orders database copies
E-mail order confirmations

Administration and Security

Password-protected administrative access
Integrated content management system
Web-based cart control
Continuous security monitoring
Backup subsystems
Transactions confidentiality

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