Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

CRM Software (customer relationship management software) is a software system that manages a company’s
interactions and relationships with both current and potential customers. CRM software enhances the customer
relationship through managing customer interaction, tracking leads, and streamlining processes. CRM’s overall
goal is to increase sales by improving business relationships.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an approach that helps businesses foster strong customer
relationships and improve sales and retention by having quality conversations with prospects and customers.

Maintaining solid customer relationships is essential, but with hundreds and thousands, of customer
touchpoints, it is nearly impossible to remember every detail of every conversation. CRM fixes this.

Whether you are a startup, a small business, or an enterprise, in the B2B or B2C space, a CRM brings order
and clarity, helps improve interactions with customers, optimizes sales performance, and streamlines business
processes. Here’s how different business functions can benefit from using a CRM.


Marketing teams can use CRM to measure the return on investment (ROI) on their activities and campaigns. It also gives them insight into whether they are targeting their ideal customer profiles (ICPs), and the right geography and industry.


Sales teams can use CRM tools to get a deeper understanding of their prospects and customers, and manage their sales pipeline better. The CRM also helps automate day-to-day tasks, track and improve sales
productivity, identify industry trends, and enhance sales strategy.

Customer Service

Customer support teams can use CRM to help improve customer retention rates. It gives them insight into the customer’s issues and their past interactions with the business and provides the tools necessary to manage activities around customer engagement.

Cloud-Based CRM ( Customer Relationship Management)


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CRM is complete Customer Relationship Management software that is a great fit for almost any company With modern design to help you look more professional to your customers and help improve business performance at the same time.

Managing customers is important and CRM helps in several ways:

  • Manage and invoice projects with the powerful Project Management Feature.
  • Link tasks to many CRM features and stay organized.
  • Build professional, great looking estimates and invoices.
  • Powerful support system with ability to auto import tickets.
  • Track time spent on tasks and bill your customers. Ability to assign multiple staff members on task and track timer per assigned staff.
  • Add task followers even if the staff is not project member. The staff member will be able to track the task progress without accessing the project.
  • Keep track of leads in one place and easily follow their progress. Ability to auto import leads from email, add notes, create proposals.
  • Organize your leads in stages and change stages easily with drag and drop.
  • Create good looking proposals for leads or customers and increase sales.
  • Records your company/project expenses and have the ability to bill to your customers and auto convert to invoice.
  • Know more about your customers with powerful CRM.
  • Increase customer retention via built-in Surveys.
  • Use the Goals Tracking feature to keep sales goals in mind.
  • Create announcements for your staff members and customers.
  • Use Contracts feature to lock in current and future sales.
  • Receive payments from Paypal and Stripe in different currencies.
  • Great looking calendar for each staff member based on staff permissions.
  • Follow ups, reports, notes, files and many more features.

Our CRM Software focus on customers and the best feature of CRM is that,it has a powerful support system that helps you track and resolve issues quickly via the integrated ticket system and customer reminders. Assign reminders to yourself, one or many staff members and with one click, reminders can be sent to email and in-app notification system. These features and more can take customer satisfaction to the next level.
Cloud-based Hosted benefits:

  • No software to download or install
  • No periodic patches or updates to install
  • Never pay for an upgrade or new release
  • No lost time or data when your computer dies, crashes, or gets stolen
  • Everybody can access the same data in real-time from anywhere on earth

Client’s Dashboard

The best client relationship dashboard will benefits sales department

Grow Your Company with End-to-End CRM Software in the Cloud

Customers are the most important part from the application. The main purpose this application is build is to serve clients. Clients area is separated from the administration area. They have their own portal and can easily manage tickets,invoices,contracts,estimates.
Customer Portal enables you to provide customers with highly personalized, interactive service on the Web. Your customers will be able to receive answers to their questions, complete transactions, submit support issues and query your knowledge base. With an open line of communication, and a range of self-service options, you’ll boost customer satisfaction as well as long-term retention.
The Client Dashboard is a way for your clients to view pending estimates, view invoice and payment history, and what’s due.
They can also be able to access knowledge Base, Projects, Contracts, Proposals and Support. Check unpaid invoices and send invoice reminders or add payments, view recent activities
Clients can accepts or decline an estimate for a better offer by clicking on Decline.

Your clients can view a list of the estimates they’ve received from you. If they are satisfied with the price, they can take your business forward by clicking on the Accept button.?

Your clients can view a list of invoices sent by you in the portal. They can open the invoice by clicking on one of them.
If the invoice is unpaid, they can choose to pay instantly by ?clicking on Pay Now. Your clients can make payments by choosing a mode of payment. Various payment gateway options can be given to the client.
The client can keep track of all the payments made for invoices sent by you.
If you had enabled the “Allow customers to view projects” option in the portal settings, an additional module will be made available in your customer’s client portal.

The Projects module in the client portal will list all the projects created for your customer.

When you click on one of the projects, you will see the following tabs:

You can select the option whether to show the client all the milestones and tasks related to project.

If enabled, Client can see the Milestones and tasks created for particular project

You have great support ticket system with Staff notes,ticket replies, ticket statuses can be viewed by client

Customers can enter trouble tickets by logging onto Client panel and can access personalized content and relevant support documentation.

Provide access to key customer support tools, such as the Knowledge Base.

It’s passion, not only work!

Each type of service we provide is further optimized unique


Manage and invoice projects with the powerful project management feature.

Track expenses and time spent on tasks and bill your customers.

Ability to assign multiple staff members on task and track time logged by assigned project member.


Build professional and great looking invoices.

Attach files and send directly to your clients including the invoice PDF. Invoice with different tax based on item.

Create recurring invoices who will be regenerated automatically based on your setup for recurring invoice.


Create estimate and Sent to your customers and wait to accept. Ability to auto convert the estimate to invoice after customer accept.

You customers can view and make actions the estimate even without login.


Create good looking proposals and impress your potential clients or customers.

Include images, tables, youtube videos with the powerful editor. Proposals comments allowed for further discussion with the customer.


With the simple Kan Ban you can keep track of leads and easily follow their progress.Attach files, convert lead to customer, auto import leads from email, create proposals, leave notes.


Record and receive payments in different currencies.

Customers can pay you via Paypal and Stripe. Auto generated PDF after each recorded payment.


Great support ticket system with auto response.

Private ticket staff notes, ticket assignments, attachments, predefined ticket replies, insert knowledge base link, ticket priorities, ticket statuses.


Add knowledge base articles from text editor. “Did you find this article useful?” vote included in clients area.


Assign task to multiple employees, add task followers, task comments allowed, task attachments.


Use contracts feature to lock in current and feature sales.

Create PDF documents in a minute and and to your customers via buil-in sending contracts feature. Ability to send customer reminders before contracts expiry.


Create surveys and impress your customers.

Add your question and improve your company productivity. Ability to send surveys to leads/customers/staff members and manually created mail lists.


Generate powerful survey reports


Have clear view of all your company events, invoice expiry dates, contracts expiration, estimate expiration, tasks finish date


Share great company events, upload documents, easy employees communications.


Setup goals and tracking achievements. Notify staff members about failure or achievement. Tracking everything.


Available Custom fields for all features.You can asign custom fields on PDFinvoices or estimates. Make it required.


Reports Reports Sales Item Reports Total report income Reports by customer Custom date picker Leads Conversions Knowledge base articles (Track if your article is usefull to clients, improve text based on votes)


Record company expenses.

Set up a recurring expense and the expense will automatically be created after the specified period.

The period time could be days, weeks, months or years. Ability to set expenses billable to customers or projects.

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