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It is a pleasure to introduce Help Bell. Our business was initiated in the year 1998 as a training division of Micro-Serve Inc, U.S.A., A company that imparts quality training to students and equips them to meet the complex challenges of an I.T. career. Our head office is based in Chicago primarily dealing with the software operations of IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and CTI (Computer Telephony-Integration).The seven years of combined experience found that the market was missing a cost-effective solution for Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Computer Telephony Integration (CTI). Thus interactive voice response was introduced realizing that the most corporation resort to complete solution. Help Bell in a position to provide the services of IVR (Interactive Voice Response System), CTI (Computer Telephony Integration), CRM (Customer Relation Management) and Internet solutions to those interested companies in the area of application development, customization, and conversion of documentation.

We are basically software Development Company comprising of dedicated professionals having years of experience in software development and other related fields. Ideally situated in India, USA and UAE. We at Help Bell ensure that every requirement is tailor made to the client’s specification, while giving importance to intricate details and delivering goods on time followed by training and
timely after sales service.

The Group has Business interests in Information Technology, Infrastructure Projects and Hospitality Services. The key to business success in the Group is the quest for perfection and empowerment.

Help Bell eLabs, an arm of Help Bell is in the Business of Telecom Solutions and Software Services. It primarily deals with the study of all existing processes in an organization in detail and after understanding, the best processes suited to both internal as well as external processes and stakeholders, namely suppliers and customers, dealers etc. are proposed to the client. Further we consolidate the new processes after going through Business Process Reengineering and make all these processes work in an integrated manner with each other with reliable, adequate and scalable support provided by proven applications which are supported by various current, emerging and futuristic Technologies.

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E-Shops And Horizontal Portals

Want to develop e-commerce web portal? Web application team is here to sort out all of your needs. We know very well that developing web application for e-commerce is much more complex a task and needs expertise and understanding of how an ecommerce business is run as well as how your potential customers perceive that presence. E-commerce web applications help maintain an online presence and constant branding of your company image.

An e-shop of our design is a scalable and stable e-commerce application that can integrate different payment systems, shipment management, e-shop customer management and complex product line management . We have e-commerce solutions that are specifically designed around the needs and budgets of small to medium sized businesses. Our designed web application system makes the work of sales and distribution channel very simple and the business more flourishing.

We will provide number of features is there to make a successful web application. Our team will provide you perfect e-commerce web application which you can offer outstanding service and performance. Our custom software and web application team has designed ideal e-commerce web solution, which is very scalable and secured for the customers. We use the latest technology to develop our projects and our web engineers can easily cope up with the technological evaluations. We are confident enough to provide you the best e-commerce custom software and web application for your business.

Help Bell is a Global Web design and development solutions company catering to complete IT needs of the organization from websites, software to digital.

Team Help Bell comprises of Technocrats, creative evangelists and business strategists to position your business for success.

Provide Leading Edge Robust Technology Solutions backed by Sound Strategic Thinking and Creativity.

Help small and medium sized organizations from major industry verticals adapt to the realities of the IT evolution and capitalize on new avenues through customized application development and excel using our offshore enterprise applications development services.


To be an innovative Software company that understands the comprehensive Business requirements of & delivers best of the class Products, Solutions & Services to the Contact Centers, Telecom sector, Corporate & Government sector, globally


Help Bell. is committed to provide Total Customer Satisfaction – by meeting business requirements of customers through continually Improved Products, Innovative Solutions & Meeting service level expectations of customers through constant monitoring of their feedback & to keep identifying new opportunities for improvements

Interactively brand go forward information before extensible content. Efficiently orchestrate highly efficient human capital and best-of-breed strategic theme areas. Uniquely myocardinate superior web services with multidisciplinary solutions. Distinctively evolve cross-media total linkage whereas inexpensive human capital.
Authoritatively optimize resource-leveling models

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